Equality Information for Schools / Colleges

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Equality Act 2010


The Department for Education produces non-statutory advice for schools to help them understand how the Equality Act 2010 affects them and to help them fulfil their duties under the Act. This replaces all existing equality legislation. Here is a link to this advice:

The Equality and Human Right Commission also provides guidance for schools on avoiding discrimination and promoting equality to support improved attainment and progression for all children and young people. Here is a link to this guidance:

Guidance is also available for Further and Higher education by following the link here:


Reasonable adjustments for children and young people in schools


Schools and education authorities have had a duty to provide reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils since 2002 and, from October 2010, under the Equality Act 2010.

The reasonable adjustments duty for schools and education authorities now includes a duty to provide auxiliary aids and services for disabled pupils, as it does in further and higher education too.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission publishes a guide to help school leaders and education authorities understand and comply with the reasonable adjustments duty. It also helps disabled pupils and their parents understand the duty. Here is a link to this guidance


The Right to Go campaign


ERIC launched the Right to Go campaign in early 2014 to highlight every child’s right to good care for a continence problem at school and to access safe and hygienic toilet facilities. The campaign objectives are to ensure that all education settings have appropriate policies and procedures in place to support children with continence problems and promote good bladder and bowel health. A short leaflet and an extended guide can be downloaded from the ERIC website by following this link: