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Action for Inclusion MagazineIn 2002 we ran an event called Inclusion SWOP (Sharing With Other People) 2002. This brought people together to exchange ideas, suggestions and experiences on inclusion in practice. Although it was based in Birmingham, we were joined by colleagues and friends from across the region and beyond.


The idea for this magazine, Action for Inclusion, came from the tremendous amount of work going on in Birmingham in our schools, communities, support services and the Action for Inclusion team. We wanted to build on the idea of sharing stories and experiences of successful inclusion by creating a much wider platform for looking at developing practice in schools, in early years settings, in support services, within partnerships and between agencies. We believe this sharing promoted new thinking and learning which in turn generated positive action for inclusion. The magazine focused initially on Birmingham but right from the start it highlighted work going on across the country and abroad. We had much to learn from one another. 


You are welcome to download and read all the copies produced between November 2003 and March 2011. 


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