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The Educational Psychology Service is able to support your training needs with regard to a wide range of developmental issues from birth to early adulthood, including special educational needs.

We are a team of over 40 HCPC registered Educational Psychologists with a range of specialisms. As such, we have up-to-date knowledge of psychological evidence based theory and research that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Needs led section:

As a service we recognise that School budgets have been cut and schools are beginning to migrate to local community groups. In response to this we are offering Needs Led training that can be delivered more locally to groups of schools at a much lower cost that our centrally held courses.

We have already had interest in this approach to training with local courses being run that have been designed based upon local needs of the schools and their community.

We are finding that this model of delivery appears more ethically grounded because schools can work together more closely during and after the training to support implementation of new ideas. Schools are then further supported by their visiting Educational Psychologist through individual casework or systems work to further embed the learning. We are also making the training more affordable for schools with lower budgets with two twilight sessions being run for around £50 a delegate.

As a service we have many strengths and the new needs led model utilises the specialist knowledge of EPs within each team, meaning that you have access to a broad and varied set of skills and specialist knowledge. All you simply have to do is identify training needs within your school and we can help make the links with other schools who have similar needs

If you are interested in being involved in the needs led courses within your area then please speak with your Visiting Educational Psychologist.

For more information telephone 0121 303 8288 to discuss your individual requirements.







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Centrally Held Courses and Bespoke Packages 2017-2018


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"The vast variety of resources / methods 

we were shown today has been invaluable"

(Pupils with Emotional and Behavioral Needs)



 "I am completely inspired!

I am going to include this on our SDP action plan"

(Interactive Story-telling)



"Trainer delivered content clearly and made sure all of

the group understood the training. Well presented."

(Circle of Friends)



"Talking to other practioners and sharing tips and ideas 

has been most useful"

(Supporting Children with Down syndrome)